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The miracle from Ijsselmonde!

And is not the brand new pizza oven i that i’ve done…the miracle of Ijsselmonde are the people who i’ve got in touch with! WoW! Almost no words to describe the power and capacity from this guys…First of all was the Mario team from the project Klus en Werken…without their hands and ideas the pizza oven would never exists…and i was so surprise with their skills that some times i was the one learning from them! Thanks guys!!!! After that were supporting crew from the pizzas…they made the dough, arrange the party and even played ukulele songs…and last but not least were the students from the school! In the beginning the didn’t believe that our pizza oven would be finished on time…but after seen Mario’s crew power play the students took it over and start cooking pizzas! Yeah! I always say i believe in people more then bricks…and i also believe bricks can bring people together…but after this two days i am sure about it! Thanks for everyone, it was fantastic…and special thanks for Evelien! Well done girl!YEAH!

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