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Nature Party!

I can say this was really a mother nature party! First of all, the location…in de middle of the polder between horses, trees and lot’s of mud… Secondly, the rain! Normally people hide from it, but as i could see the only one complaining about it was my clay oven( he hates water:)…and finally, the people! Simin birthday gather a wonderful group of kids witch brought lot’s of life and pride for our mother nature!Ah yeah, the pizza’s were there too…but as we know they are not so important as the ones eating them!Special thanks for Mansi, Bram and Juan, el ajudante oficial!


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January 14, 2013 at 7:08 pm

Dear Pizza Chef Renato! This was a party to remember and talk about for life. Your pizza oven was the centre and the soul of the nature because as we all know food (PIZZA) brings and KEEPS people together…Thank you again for the best children’s party in history of the world. May we do many more together… :-) x


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