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Old believe, new story!

A long time ago someone told me once the pizza oven is lighting up it reduces the percentage of rain! After last weekend i can say  it doesn’t works every time…I had everything, the pizza oven, the fire and the believe the weather should get better and our pizza party plans should become a great success…  The only thing that wasn’t in our mind was that mighty storm! I told Peter ( he was becoming 60) my old believe, saying that once the oven is on fire the clouds will disappear! Hummm….it quite didn’t happen, and it rained so hard it seemed impossible celebrating with a pizza party…but guess what… we did it anyway! Some people arrange some parasols, the others a plastic above our bike…there were people moving the ingredients from the rain and some others making pizzas for the ones who couldn’t come outside…At certain point the rain was not a problem anymore…it was another aspect around the pizza oven! Maybe the old believe was not completely wrong…maybe we just don’t have to take it so literally! What i saw that day was the rain bringing all people together for our pizza party! And it was a great pizza party! Thanks Peter , Renee and the rain…i can say it was a great experience cooking for you guys! Yeah!

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