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We, the oven builders

manual Victor Lotufo pg2

Last week I received an e-mail with questions and doubts about building pizza ovens. I have to say it was not the first e-mail and I believe it will not be the last. The nice thing was that in the same week I saw the manual I’ve used to build my first pizza oven on facebook! It was written by my professor Victor Lotufo and it explains quite easily how to build an earth oven! I was so happy to see that, that I decided to make my own manual “How to build an oven in 10 steps” ( you can find it at the page “oven” at my website)(click here)

Friends and clients told me not to do it…they say I’m crazy reveling all my secrets, and that I was going to loose lot’s of jobs an opportunities by telling people how to build a pizza oven…but I don’t agree.

I believe  in people more then bricks…so why should I keep bricks information for myself instead of making people happy? My professor didn’t keep it to himself…and I will won’t do that eather!

YEAH for the pizza oven!

YEAH for we, the oven builders:)


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