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PIETse oven

Every oven we build has his own soul…and my new one is finally ready…and we called PIETse oven! .

Our history of mobile pizza has many tales… First was the MPO, an oven made with rest materials on top of a supermarket car! He was definitely a high maintenance  object!

Then came the PizzaBakFiets oven…the first on top of the bike! He was cute and light…but lost most of his clay every time we met some obstacles on the way! In response to that we build Frankystoven…the super iron clay oven! He was strong and big…travelled the fietzerria trip without breaking anything…till one day his suspension systeem didn’t support his robust fame!

Now is the season of PIETse OVEN…his name is a honor to PIET, my father in law! From him I’ve got so many tips, advices and attributes for developing the suspension system, the water system and other improvements. He was so important in this process I couldn’t call this oven with another name! Thanks Piet for the help…and hopefully this PIETse OVEN will cook lot’s of PIETzzas in the future!!! YEAH!

p.s…take a look at the photo reportage from the PIETse OVEN!

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