PIZZA journal

Sharing what we like:)

One year ago i’ve met a girl in a Rotterdam’s cafe…Speaking about things we liked we decided to share it with others…Our plan was making a trip with my Pizza Bike and her camera through the Netherlands exchanging pizzas for help during our journey… I was doing the food and she was shooting a movie! And guess what, It work out so well that we’ve got much more then we expected! We met new great people, explored new places and had a lot of fun! So much fun that this girl became my girlfriend:)YEAH…

After a year of postproduction we are bringing out the movie “Fietzerria, an adventure about sharing”…And at the premiere we met all people from the trip! I can say it was magic meeting them again…It reveals that feeling of being alive!

We believe that when we decide being open for the other, the other will be open for you…it’s just a matter of starting the process of sharing! And when you do, you will be surprised what you’ve got in return!

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