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Stone seeker


I love bricks…they are the basic unit of architecture. But after our visit in Ireland I’ve got also excited with stones:)

The main difference between them is that a clay brick is always the same shape, and the stone is always a surprise. Between the landscape full with sheep, rain and great people what took my eye in Ireland was they culture around stones. Between walls and castles, the Irish people is always looking for the right stone for the right place. No plans needed!

I’ve saw that building a pizza oven at Angus organic farm this summer. The idea in first place was quite vague…we didn’t plan or draw anything in forehand. He came with his “L” shape rock and I just left my predescribed tools behind. This oven was meant be something different.

First of all we couldn’t fine any brick or clay, the whole island is a gigantic rock! We decided to make a half dome with the existing stones and use fire resistent cement in place of clay. After three minutes building I realise my masonry skills were minimal next to Angus experience. Used to make rocky walls in Ireland and Australia, Angus has an eagle eye for finding stones and a precise hand for shaping them. Stone by stone we built our half arch and dome laying perfectly into the original base.

When we finished the oven, I was surprised with the result…It looked that it was always there.

A brand new ancient pizza oven:) It was amazing to feel the magic of  stacking stones…it’s not just making something structural or functional…but is the art of creating meaning by re-arranging the landscape! WoW!

Thanks Angus and Woof”ers…You guys were great!!!!! Yeah!


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