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The strongest oven!

schiedam pizza oven

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present you the strongest oven ever built by this dutch/brazilian hands! Some months ago i was asked by Nathalie and Tosca to build the first brick mobile pizza oven…quite a challenge knowing that this structures can weight around 400 kg! I was quite afraid for this assignment, having nightmares about the oven sinking down the base structure and splashing in the ground… but when i arrived at the location i saw from a distance an object i didn’t expect… they called it The Tank! A huge mobile base made by steel and big wheels…so strong it could resist a bombardment! After seen that “bomb shelter”, i had no doubt it could support a pizza oven…and to catch up with the work made by the Schiedam crew,  i decided to build the strongest oven i ever made:) Thanks for Nathalie, Tosca, Roel ( the Tank builder) and the kids!!! You guys were great!

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