PIZZA journal

Taking over!

Hello Friends! After the big screen adventure ( which is still not done yet:) we came back doing our pizzas….and this time with an old friend! The super oven in the Basisschool Startpunt in Den Haag!They were opening the new vegetable garden and asked me if i could cook some pizzas for the guests…and i say YEAH! My first idea was cooking for some kids and their parents…but soon enough i realize that we should have more clients then expected! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! In the rush of preparing the things for the party arrived the crew how saved me ( and the party)….The student’s mothers!

They were so good i was quite ashamed with my young brazilian pizza skills! The pizzas finally were round, the composition were great and even the cooking technics was astonishing( one of the mothers took the pizza paddle and start cooking like it was the most normal thing in the world!) Yeahhhhh twice! They really took over the pizzeria!

In the end of the party one of the teachers asked me the secrets for cooking on the super oven…and i told her: Call the mothers crew! They know!

Thanks everybody…you guys rock!

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