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Thanks India

One of things I love it most is when people share great ideas…specially when you need it most!

I was asked for cooking in a school party in Den Haag…so i wake up early, clean up the bike, went shopping and cycled thru the city with the idea everything was settled…but getting there i discovered my mistake! I thought we were cooking for 100 kids…but then i realized that all parents/brothers/sisters/friends/teachers would be there too! AHHHHHHHH…

First we decided to make small pizzas, so it would fit around 7 pizzas inside the oven…but the biggest problem was that people were not pre-cooking the dough…they were rolling and mouting the pizzas at the same time…so all the pizzas were  gluing at my paddle, making really hard to lay them off at the oven bottom! AHHHHHHHHHHH again…

With just one oven and no space-time for pre-cooking pizzas I was quite loosing control… till Mansi came around with her amazing idea…she told me that in India they cook this kind of dough at the oven’s wall…and maybe should be an idea making the pre-cooking dough at the top of the oven.

I say yes…and like a magic step everything began to run again! I was soooo happy with it! It was perfect and it saved my day! Yeah!

Nice things about the multi-culturally is that we can find different solutions for the same problem!  Thanks Mansi for bringing the India solution….and Thanks India for inventing it:)

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August 6, 2013 at 6:05 pm

Hey! I just read this post! So nice that you blogged about it! Yes, it was a brilliant fusion idea! :-) For then and for the future! x



November 1, 2014 at 7:42 am

India has been a prominent center of learning since ancient times
Yes, India is always been a cool country. 😉 History is testimony to it.


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