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Water against clay!

 Diederick and his beauty!

The biggest paradox of  pizza ovens are the relation between clay and water…They help as much as they destroy each other ….while building a pizza oven water helps bringing the clay at his best performance…once the oven is finished, water destroys slowly his best friend clay. Lot’s of solutions were already thought for this problem. The best current solution is building a roof on top of the oven!

But as you guys know me, i don’t get enough with this one.

In Brasil i’ve heard that people were mixing milk on the top layer from the oven for more resistance…after some research and phone calls i discovered that Calcic should be a good ingredient to the clay mix…so with almost no thinking i just made this mix (40 kg sand – 10 kg clay – 10 kg calcic – 2 kg sugar) and applied on top of the Kortenbos oven…and it looks good!!! Fingers cross for the results!

Probably this is still not the ultimate solution for the paradox… but surely we are on step closer to upgrade our ovens! Thanks Diederick for believing on it! YEAH!

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